Sunday, February 13, 2011


Day 1: Upon stepping aboard the ark i found myself in a large decontamination chamber. The person at the entrance had handed me goggles and had asked me to put them on. Once inside the chamber the door on the other side lit up red and a speaker said "once decontamination begins please spin slowly to allow for total decontamination." As i spun slowly i wondered if i had made the right choice signing up for this. What if i miss home? the door flashed green and the speaker spoke again "You may now step through. Have a pleasant life aboard the Ark." The feminine voice was creepy and reassuring at the same time. after stepping through the decontamination chamber a pale well dressed man approached me. He spoke in a very calm tone and said "Hello, You have been chosen to live in Dorm 3483. I will escort you." 
I folled him down a long hallway passed several doors. at the end of the hall was an elevator we stepped in and he spoke once more. "I am here to assist you to your dorm and answer any questions. once we have reached your dorm you will not see me again. you have been chosen to live with female number 6489. She also goes by Karen. Any questions?" His robotic tome and manner was off putting so i just grunted "No"
The elevator stopped and we walked down a very similar hallway to an unmarked door somewhere near the middle. I had read about everything before coming here so figuring out where things where was easy. I told the well dressed man to leave and got no reply. i looked around and he was gone... "silent little fuck ain't he?" then i heard a voice. A female voice. "Hi I'm Karen" she wasn't the most beautiful in the facial department but the curves of her jeans and how her shirt hung down made me a little stiff. I told her my name and we got acquainted. She studied economics before she got onto the Ark. I told her i did to and we talked for a while. After that i showered and decided to start keeping a journal.
End of day 1


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