Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 2: I awoke in a daze and was confused as to why i wasn't at home on my bed. After remembering where i was i sat up and did a few stretches. a quick survey of my room told me 3 things. Karen was awake, the room was the same as i left it when i slept, and life was going to be getting repetitive fast. Yesterday when i boarded i gave up my to the attendants of this craft. I hadnt gotten it back yet. i briefly wondered where it was before standing up and after a few stretches i took a quick shower. the bathroom was nice it was stark white with a sink and a simple stand up shower. next to the sink was a small tube that had a plastic covering. there was also a button that said VITAMINS i pushed the button and 2 pills popped out. I left them there for fear of not wanting to take something i might regret later. i shaved and dressed myself in the same jeans i wore yesterday and a shirt they provided me with. i was still wondering where karen was when i heard a female voice say "SWEET! A treadmill" the gym i totally had forgotten about it. as i stepped through the door that led to the gym i was blasted from above with cool air. it was like the kind that they had in grocery stores like when i was a kid. after thinking on that for a while i looked up and saw Karen. "woah" i managed to stay. as my pants got a little tighter i re-adjusted myself and just stared. She was beautiful. Her shorts showed lots of tan leg and her shirt exposed her midriff i was pleasantly surprised that she looked so good. Then i heard that female voice again. the same one from the decontamination chamber. Would all residents of The Ark please wake up, get dressed, and wait to be escorted to the Rec Room. I stood in shock for a moment while i thought about what i just heard. escorted? are we some kind of sheep? then i thought of how big the ship was. "i probably would get lost" i said aloud "hey spaceman did you enjoy my ass?" Karen yelled at me from across the room. I couldn't think of a witty reply so i just said "we should go." as we stepped out of the Gym i was blasted by a second cool rush of air. then the reality of the situation i was in hit me. i was in the middle of a spaceship. Bound for a planet eight years away. away from my home. My planet. My earth. everything i had ever known was gone. i started to cry and laugh at the same time. i probably looked like a maniac crying and laughing like i was. i quickly collected myself and slipped on the shoes they provided for me at the entrance. After Karen got her shoes on the door slipped open and revealed what looked to be like the same man who brought me to the entrance.  "what happened to me not seeing you again?" 
"what do you mean sir?" The voice was different. Less robotic. More subservient and less demanding. " Oh nevermind. i thought you where someone else." 
"Follow me sir and ma'am. The rec room is right down the hall."
As we followed the man me and Karen got to talking. i found out she had a brother back on earth whom she had to leave because he hadn't qualified to board. it seemed like a sensitive topic so i didn't really push it but i think the water has something in it or something. Karen just gets more and more attractive. Once we reached the rec room we found we where in a room of about 1000 other individuals. At the back end of the room was a woman. She was wearing a flowing skirt and a button up collared shirt. she looked like a business woman who decided to go clubbing. as soon as we entered the room a fellow passenger approached me. "Hey, Man. You know what they did with our bags man?" 
"No" i replied quickly. the guy seemed grimy and i was a little worried he might pull something 
before he could say more the woman spoke. Speakers projecting from unknown panels of the ship boomed her voice and the room was instantly silent. 
"Hello, passengers of the Ark. I am Mia, the pilot. i will be flying this ship for the next 8 years. What I say goes."
I Chuckled "typical woman. Power hungry...."
"You will be receiving the personal belongings you took on board as you exit this room. Do not worry nothing was searched we only X-Rayed for weapons so we knew who had what. We also decontaminated everything. Electronics should be fine. If you do encounter a problem then you should take it up with one of the Arks Assistants and they will help you as best as they can. The ark runs on the 24 hour time system." she continued speaking for several hours on what proper conduct of other residents was and what action would be taken if we disobeyed. it seemed simple enough. be a sane member of society and you where fine. its not like we had to worry we where getting free food and entertainment. after she was done talking on that she said "This room is open between the hours of 0100 and 2300. there is a short cleaning period and then you may resume use." after that she told us to go back to our rooms and collect our belongings. I felt tired so after grabbibing my backpack i undressed and laid in bed and fell asleep.

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