Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 3: After I woke up I showered and I decided I would buff up. I examined my image and I look a little scrawny I am 5'9" and about 140 pounds. If I stayed on this ship I'm sure I could bulk up to 250 or 260. Especially since I have 8 years.... I spent 2 hours in the gym after that. Then I remembered about pour personal items we had limited space but I got my valuables. You know the stuff you can't live without. Well in the medium sized bag I managed to pack my phone that doubled as a hard drive. It had most of my computer on it. I also brought a few of my larger coins and a few decks of cards... its good to be entertained and to have a skill to practice... after unpacking I went to the rec room and checked to see if anyone looked interesting. I haven't seen Karen all day so I'm sure she was here most of today. I dint even hear her wake up. In the rec room I met a man named john he wore a classy suit and a brown overcoat. It was interesting. He talked in an accent. When I asked why he sounded British. He said he was. I laughed. His companion was a pretty blonde girl she was interesting she went by Rose. Such a nice name. After talking to them I walked around and saw a few faces I remember seeing at the meeting yesterday. I'll finish up later. Karen just came back.
Ok so Karen had been at the rec room all day. It is a big room I can see how I didn't see her. Well she didn't even talk to me when she came in she went straight to the bathroom and didn't come out for what seemed like an hour my clock showed 2000 hours so I was ready to go to bed and didn't want to seem rude not saying goodnight or acknowledging her so I waited and said goodnight and asked how she was she said homesick and lied down. After that I curled up in bed and slept


  1. This man wouldn't happen to be called John Smith now would he?

  2. the main character hasn't used his name yet. i dont think im going to have his name said until later. give a possible story a chance. the character John Smith is a reference to Doctor Who. lol

  3. I fucking love Doctor Who.
    10th Doctor by any chance?

  4. Of course. His companion is Rose. LOL ill expand more on that in a few days. i have stuff to work on before my next entry